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Book a photoshoot @ Copper Venue

Here you will find a growing list of photographers who have already blocked out times to host mini sessions!


Book the date + time that's already on the books here at Copper Venue! 


Doula Classes

Find a Local Doula to book educational
classes for your pregnancy
@ Copper Venue

Click the links with the date you are interested in to book through the Doula.


Don't see a good date for you?


Inquire through Copper Venue to see if we can set up other dates if these don't work for you!

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April 1st class.webp

April 1st, 2023
Breastfeeding Class
@ Copper Venue 

These dates don't work for you or you're planning for the future?


Are you a Doula specialist? Want your name + booking link here?
Contact Copper Venue to get your classes on the books to help more
local women during their journey!

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